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The Backstory: Danner Boots

Since 1932

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Superior Craftsmanship Matters

Since 1932

In 1932, America was at the height of the Great Depression. Despite the bleak economic outlook, a Wisconsin craftsman named Charles Danner founded a boot-making business, risking his future on the stubborn idea that regardless of the economy, superior craftsmanship mattered.

Portland is a Leather Boot Town

Four years after he founded it in 1932, Charles Danner moved his business to Portland, Oregon to meet the demands of the growing logging industry in the Pacific Northwest. Danner’s durable, well-crafted boots became the footwear of choice for the hard-working men in logging camps and shipyards. The boots earned a reputation for being virtually indestructible.

A Mark of Unwavering Quality

A lot has changed at Danner over the last 80 years, but the commitment to craftsmanship and quality has not. Many Danner boots are still cut and stitched in the Portland factory. Whether you’re lacing up a work boot or a classic pair of hikers, the Danner name remains a mark of unwavering quality.

Stumptown Style

A nickname for Portland, Stumptown was derived from the many tree stumps left behind by loggers. Danner’s Stumptown collection takes inspiration from boots of the past and is crafted in the USA. With their durability and vintage style, Danner Stumptown boots are as suited to the streets of Portland today as they were 80 years ago.

Modern Tech

Danner boots blend timeless craft and cutting-edge technologies. While the triple-stitched, full-grain leather uppers have changed little over the decades, the boots have been modernized with Vibram soles, Gore-Tex linings, and Ortholite footbeds, to name a few. Walk in Danners for a day and you’ll feel the difference.